Students with studies completed outside Catalonia and/or abroad who want to start studies at the Tecnocampus, must follow the same steps as to access the rest of the Catalan Universities.

Students from outside Catalonia and/or abroad

To apply for admission, you must pre-register at the university entrance portal, handing in the documentation of the studies you have completed at the University Admissions Office or at its offices. You must submit this documentation within the deadline established in the pre-registration calendar.

Please note that if you want to access a study with a personal aptitude test (PAP), you must register and take the test during the month of June. You can consult the criteria for access and admission of students from foreign education systems for university pre-registration in the following link

Check all the information on the website of the Universities Channel of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

2019 call for access and admission to official UPF undergraduate courses for students from the education systems of non-member states of the European Union with whom no international agreements have been signed.

Students who are in possession of a bachelor's degree or equivalent issued by an institution that does not belong to the European Union or to a country with which reciprocate international agreements have been signed for recognition in the system of admission may take part in this call. Students must be in possession of a baccalaureate or equivalent at the start of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Students in possession of an international baccalaureate degree cannot take part in this call. 

IMPORTANT: Students must obtain the homologation of their qualification or diploma to the baccalaureate in order for their enrollment to be officially formalised. 

Consult the rules of the call and all the information in it link.