High school

General information

To enter the university, high school students must take the university entrance exams (PAU).

By means of the PAU, or selectivity, students design their own entrance exam to university by choosing the subjects which want to be examined on, depending on the studies which want to access.

Test structure

The PAUs have two parts:

a) General phase: compulsory, passing it allows access to the university and has indefinite validity.

b) Specific phase: voluntary, its purpose is to calculate an admission mark for each of the studies to which the student wishes to access and is valid for the following two academic years. The student can be examined in a maximum of three subjects of the second year of high school different from the chosen one for the general phase.

The current model of access to the university differentiates between passing the PAUs and the admission procedure: the student obtains a specific admission mark for each degree and university in which he/she applies to be admitted.
To calculate the admission mark, the two grades of the subjects passed in the specific phase will be chosen, which, once weighted, give the highest marks. The resulting grade is the one used by universities to award places in studies in which the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered.
The weighting parameters of the baccalaureate modality subjects assigned to the branches of knowledge of the degree titles that will be applied for the access to the university, are specified below:
Weighting Table.

Calls and registration

There are two calls a year, in June and September, and there is no limit to the number of calls to pass the tests. In order to make the PAUs, you must register online at the address: https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat


Students enrolled in the second year of high school in a secondary school in Catalonia must enroll in two phases: pre-enrollment and final formalization of enrollment.

Students with the entrance tests of approved previous regulations can take the specific phase.

Test and pre-registration calendar

Check the calendar and schedule of the tests.