Assess the possibility of accessing TecnoCampus degree studies to students who have started university courses, but which have not been completed, with 30 credits or more with possibilities of recognition.
The application for admission through this route is compatible with university pre-registration.

Who can request it?

Students with partial official Spanish university studies, as well as students with partial or total foreign university studies who have not obtained the homologation of the degree in Spain, and who meet the following requirements:

* Have recognized or validated, depending on whether they are Spanish or foreign studies respectively, a minimum of 30 credits in the studies to which you want to be admitted. In no case will the Final Degree Project be the subject of recognition.
* Have passed in the University of origin 50% of the credits of which consisted the first course of the studies, in the first year of matrícula.
* Not to have exhausted the requirements of permanence of the University of origin, regarding the number of calls.
* Comply with the requirements established by the degree regulations with regard to credit recognition limits.

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the supply of places, the selection process will be applied, assessing the university entrance mark and the student's transcript in the university studies of origin up to on the deadline for submitting the application for admission.


Documentation to be provided 


-Students with studies started at other universities

The application for admission to the call may be sent by e-mail exceptionally due to the state of alarm by the COVID-19.

* Access request
* Application for recognition
* Academic certificate stating the subjects, the type, the number of credits and the grade obtained and the average of the transcript.
* Document accrediting the curriculum and syllabus of the subjects, duly stamped by the corresponding centre, stating the branch of knowledge of education and basic training subjects.
* Receipt of payment of the public price for the application to study (currently € 54,54): Banco de Sabadell: ES34.0081.5375.95.0001097315
* Photocopy of DNI, or in the case of foreigners NIE or Passport
* Photocopy of the document of access to the University of origin
* Statement of responsibility for veracity of documents submitted by interested parties (to be published shortly)

Students who have studied abroad must also attach the following documentation:

* Document accrediting compliance with the admission requirements. This document is essential to verify that the applicant meets the requirements of the admission regulations for files belonging to foreign education systems. Document in Spanish
* Document accrediting theequivalence of average marks of university studies carried out in foreign centers of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
Sworn statement of not having obtained a homologation credential or certificate of equivalence to a degree and at an official Spanish university academic level. Document in Spanish

Documents issued abroad must meet the following requirements: a) They must be official and issued by the competent authorities in order to do so in accordance with the legal system of the country in question. b) They must be legalized through diplomatic channels or, where appropriate, through the apostille of the Hague Convention. This requirement is not required in documents issued by the authorities of the Member States of the European Union or signatories to the Agreement on the European Economic Area. c) They must be accompanied, where appropriate, by the corresponding official translation into Catalan or Spanish.

-Students with studies started at the university centers of the TecnoCampus


Students of the Tecnocampus will be able to request it through their file from the e-Secretariat SGA to the procedure: Request access 30 credits.

Access request
Application for recognition
* Receipt of the payment of the public price for the application to study (currently € 54,54): Banco de Sabadell: ES34.0081.5375.95.0001097315


Deadline to apply

According to the current TecnoCampus calendar. There is 1 call a year. This year the calendar is as follows:


  • Application for admission: from June 18 to July 12, 2021.



Cost of the study of recognition of the academic transcript in accordance with the current Tax Decree (see price section on the TecnoCampus website). If you have right to bonuses, see the documentation to be delivered.


Answer you will get

Publication in this section of the TecnoCampus website of the list of people who can access: 

CALL RESOLUTION: Consult the resolution in this link


Response time

Following the calendar marked in the call (see section Regulations and reference documentation) •

* Publication of final results: July 23, 2021


Person in charge

Academic Management Service


Regulations and reference documentation

Where to go

- New Tecnocampus students: by e-mail to Academic Management of the School of the Degree which you want to access:

School of Social and Business Sciences: ESCSET Academic Management
School of Health Sciences: ESCST Academic Management
Polytechnic School: ESUPT Academic Management

- Tecnocampus students online from the file: e-secretary EMS