Participate in the Talent Forum of your degree

With the aim of bringing the world of work closer to TecnoCampus students, Sectorial Talent Forums are arranged. These are meeting points between collaborating companies that are committed to the talent of TecnoCampus and our students.

During the 2022-23 academic year the following Sectoral Talent Forums will take place: 

  • AdEiGi Talent Forum - February 23
  • Marketing Talent Forum - March 7
  • Nursing Talent Forum - 26 d'abril
  • Logistics Talent Forum - 4 d'abril
  • Video Game Talent Forum - May 11 
  • TECH DAY Computer Talent Forum - May 16
  • Tourism Talent Forum - May 25
  • CAFE Talent Forum - Pendent
  • Physiotherapy Talent Forum - Pendent

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