TecnoCampus STEAM

Under the umbrella of developing opportunities for young people in the region, promoting innovation, and spearheading entrepreneurial spirit, "Steam TecnoCampus" brings together a series of initiatives and projects with the intention of promoting both technological vocation and technological empowerment. These initiatives are aimed at current university students as well as pre-university students, and as a knock on effect, the inhabitants of the region.

Currently the projects led by the Steam team are:


Its main objective is to disseminate science and technology among high school students, especially girls between the ages of 12 and 18, to help end the gender gap in professions in this field.



It is a movement created in a university environment that seeks to awaken technological vocations in young people between 12 and 18 years old. The aim is to make known, in a practical way (learning by doing), the opportunities offered by technology.



It is a space for the creation and development of activities linked to technology and digital manufacturing. It is also a local meeting point where diverse profiles come together to share knowledge and generate it again in an interdisciplinary way.


Install Party

It is a technology festival that brings together students, schools and companies to share technology projects. Activities are organised in order to enjoy technology: workshops, round tables, contests, exhibitions and more.