The Master in Management, Computing and Urban Engineering will be taught from next year at the permanent training center of the TecnoCampus, HUB4T¡

The master's degree in Management, Computing and Urban Engineering, presented today, is aimed at professionals who want to achieve a profile of integrator of information technologies in management, planning and urban engineering and acquire practice based on experiences of companies from the service sector in cities.


The important changes caused by digital transformation demand technical professionals and managers with a cross-sector competence profile that combines knowledge and skills in the use of information technologies, engineering linked to urban engineering, communication and the know-how to perform the tasks of municipal managers and technicians.

Until now, the integrative/transversal master's degree in the field of engineering and urban management was not available in Catalonia and Spain. Now a window of opportunity has opened for the training of professionals working in disciplines from different fields, in the application of day to day management of metropolitan areas with a clear commitment of a move towards smart, connected and sustainable cities.

The presentation took place at the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya and was attended by Ricard Font, Secretary General of the Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies. The presentation of the training program was given by Xavier Font, director of the Master's degree and dean of the ECCAT school, and Ester Bernadó, academic coordinator of the master's degree.

The Mayor of Mataró and President of the Tecnocampus Foundation, David Bote, closed the event. This new Master's degree is part of the academic program for the new 22-23 academic year of the TecnoCampus, under the HUB4T lifelong learning brand. The centre is committed to training people throughout life and responding to their training needs, at a time when we all need to learn new skills and incorporate new knowledge to grow professionally. It is a training program designed with professionals in the sector, such as the College of Technical Engineering of Public Works and Civil Engineering of Catalonia, and with an international vision with the incorporation of the School of Construction Engineers in Paris, where participants in the program will do a one-week stay.