The strong demand for degrees in the field of health stands out
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Eleven of the fifteen offers of undergraduate and double degree studies taught at the TecnoCampus university center, attached to Pompeu Fabra University, have a cut-off mark as a result of the June pre-registration process.

All the degrees related to health (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the double degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences) have a cut-off mark, being 9,464 of the Degree in Nursing the highest. 

With regard to degrees in the Business field, six of the seven degrees offered have a cut-off mark. Highlights include the double degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management and Marketing and Digital Communities, in which the entrance mark is 8,544.

In the field of technology, the Management and Information Systems Computer Engineering stands out, with the consolidation of the recovery in demand detected last year and a cut-off score of 6,582. Also the double degree in Computer Science and Video Games registers a demand in first option superior to the offer of places and, therefore, cut note.

Although without a cut-off mark, industrial engineering (degrees in Mechanics, Electronics and Industrial Organization) recorded a significant improvement in the number of students assigned (from 38 to 59).

Overall, 968 students have been assigned to study at the TecnoCampus, a figure 10,6% higher than last year. Of these, 520 assigned students have chosen the TecnoCampus in first preference. 228 students who had applied to study at the TecnoCampus in the first option have not been able to enter those degrees with a cut-off mark.

All information about the registration process is available in the web section