General information

Subject type: Optional

Coordinator: Rafael Suarez Gómez

Trimester: At quarters

Credits: 4

Teaching staff: 

Màrian Buil Fabregà

Teaching languages

The language of instruction is what is determined in each activity in which you participate. 


Transversal competences
  • T2_That students have the ability to work as members of an interdisciplinary team either as one more member, or performing management tasks in order to contribute to developing projects with pragmatism and a sense of responsibility, making commitments taking into account the available resources


This subject is the internal recognition of the activities carried out by students that accredit their entrepreneurial career.

The entrepreneurial itinerary consists of 6 compulsory curricular and extra-curricular activities that can be carried out throughout the 4 or 5 courses corresponding to the university training stage. That is, it is NOT an optional subject that is taken in a term at a specific time. The proposed activities can be distributed in two, three or four academic years according to the student's work pace. 

You can check out the 6 activities in the course infographic (open at this link: The activities are divided into three colors: BLUE, RED and YELLOW following the content of the subject 

The activities can be organized by Tecnocampus or other recognized entities in the field of entrepreneurship or innovation.


The classroom (physics or virtual) it is a safe, free space of attitudes sexists, racists, homophobic, transphobic i discriminatory, ja be towards the students or towards the faculty. we trust that among all and all we can create a space sure on ens can to err i to learn sense having to suffer prejudice others.

Learning outcomes

Put into practice the entrepreneurial skills acquired through workshops, competitions, awards or other events 

Be able to transfer the entrepreneurial knowledge acquired to other young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial concerns

Expand the network of contacts in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation to facilitate the development of innovative projects

Develop your own or someone else's innovative project that incorporates innovation into the market in a sustainable way

Working methodology

Theoretical classes

  • Lectures: Face-to-face or streaming sessions, both in university classrooms and in the framework of another institution, in which one or more specialists present their experiences or projects to students.
  • Video capsules: Resource in video format, which includes contents or demonstrations of the thematic axes of the subjects. These capsules are integrated into the structure of the subject and serve students to review as many times as necessary the ideas or proposals that the teacher needs to highlight from their classes.

Guided learning

  • Seminars: Face-to-face format in small work groups (between 14 and 40). These are sessions linked to the face-to-face sessions of the subject that allow to offer a practical perspective of the subject and in which the participation of the student is key.
  • Case study: Dynamics that part of the study of a case, which serves to contextualize the student in a specific situation, the teacher can propose different activities, both individually and in groups, among their students.
  • Role-playing games: Simulation dynamics in which each student plays a role specified by the teacher. As a "role", you will have access to specific information and must "play" its bases, according to the rules of the game, to resolve or experience the reference situation of the dynamics.

Autonomous learning

  • Solving exercises and problems: Non-contact activity dedicated to solving practical exercises based on the data provided by the teacher.
  • Non-face-to-face tutorials: why the student will have telematic resources such as e-mail and intranet resources.


  1. Tools of innovation and entrepreneurship (Subjects of the degrees of the field of knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation and / or MOOC Innotools 2.0) 
  2. Entrepreneurial skills (BLUE ACTIVITIES: Entrepreneurial skills and Mentor @ Young entrepreneurs @ rs) 
  3. Entrepreneurial ecosystem (RED ACTIVITIES: Accelerate your Entrepreneurial Network and Entrepreneurial Challenge)
  4. Innovative project (YELLOW ACTIVITIES: Own project and infographics) 
  5. Conferences and networking in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation

Learning activities

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Tools (MOOC Innotools 2.0)
  • Entrepreneurial skills (Skills and Mentor @)
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem (Entrepreneurial network and competitions and awards)
  • Innovative project (Own project and infographics)

Evaluation system

10% Curricular subject in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation

10% Entrepreneurial skills 

10% Mentor @ a Joves emprended @ rs

10% Accelerate your Entrepreneurial Network

20% Entrepreneurial challenge

30% Own project

10% Entrepreneurial infographics