It will be held next December 2 and will bring together experts in this field
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Highlight the importance for companies and for society to move forward in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies and methodologies, as well as to know first-hand the training trends at the different levels (professional training, engineering degree and master's in engineering), are some of the aspects that will be addressed next December 2 in the conference organized by TecnoCampus, under the title "The value of engineering in industry 4.0".


Three years ago, El Observatorio de la Ingeniería was created, with the aim of drawing up reports on the situation of Spanish engineering, its future prospects and the needs it must respond to in order to ensure development competitiveness of our companies in the coming years, and help the progress and well-being of our society. 

In its first study, it is pointed out that Spain needs 200.000 new engineers in 10 years, and that 59% of the continuing training needs collected in the study are of a technical nature, and the rest correspond to aspects of management and personal skills . 

Among the technical training needs, it should be noted that more than 40% correspond to topics related to digitization (Artificial Intelligence, data visualization, cyber security, blockchain, IoT, ...), that is, related to enabling technologies of Industry 4.0. 

The TecnoCampus is committed to training in the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 and an example of this is the possibility it offers to its university students to obtain a mention in Industry 4.0 complementary to their undergraduate degree in any of the engineering degrees .