General information

Subject type: Mandatory

Coordinator: Monica Juliana Oviedo León

Trimester: Third term

Credits: 6

Teaching staff: 

Alejandro Terbeck


Analysis of the main paid advertising channels on social networks and search engines. Analysis and elaboration of SEM and Display campaigns. Fundamentals and evolution of the main advertising options on different social platforms.

Learning outcomes

Master the basic technological tools for harnessing the resources of Marketing, e-Marketing and Social Networks to support business decision-making. Understand and master the importance of previous analysis "off-line" vs. the application of this study to the different XXSS (with its particularities).

Working methodology

Theoretical sessions MD1. Master class: Expository class sessions based on the teacher's explanation attended by all students enrolled in the subject MD3. Presentations: Multimedia formats that support MD4 face-to-face classes. Video capsules: Resource in video format, which includes contents or demonstrations of the thematic axes of the subjects. MD5 directed learning. Seminars: Face-to-face format in small work groups (between 14 and 40). These are sessions linked to the face-to-face sessions of the subject that allow to offer a practical perspective of the subject and in which the participation of the student is key Autonomous learning MD9. Solving exercises and problems: Non-contact activity dedicated to solving practical exercises based on the data provided by the teacher


Topic 1: Introduction to Social Media Search Engine Marketing How Digital Marketing Works Today Understanding the Algorithms to Use in Our Favor How Do Google and YouTube Search Engines Work? Differences between organic and paid content. How to take advantage of these synergies? The importance of social media and SEM in advertising strategies.

Topic 2: Technical setup to prepare the first advertising campaigns First steps: Browse the Google Ads platform and know its interface First steps: Browse the Facebook / Instagram advertising platform and know its interface The importance of the Pixel of Facebook and Google Analytics to be able to measure advertising results and how to integrate them into the web Define the buyer path (Buyer Persona) to start developing the advertising strategy. (Sales Funnel)

Topic 3: We are here - Launch of advertising - First Ads Start targeting audiences and conversions to Google Ads and FB / IG Understand the ad formats that can be made and the requirements of each of the advertising platforms Creation and landing page optimization Analyze the competition and extract ideas to make ads that convert Review the main metrics and optimize them based on the results E-mail marketing as a support and conversion strategy.