The TecnoCampus expresses the absolute revulsion at any harassing behavior in its classrooms
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In relation to the information published today in various media, the TecnoCampus expresses the absolute rejection of any harassing behavior in its classrooms and wants to highlight the following points in relation to this case.

• These facts, denounced last February by several students, were treated with the utmost diligence by the Equality Unit of the TecnoCampus, which with complete independence instructed a file that has led, finally, to the professional disengagement of the affected teacher.

• Since 2011, the institution has had an equality plan and a protocol to prevent and resolve behaviors perceived as discriminatory, violent or sexual harassment, on the grounds of sex or on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. It is, therefore, a pioneering institution in this field.

• The centre's teaching staff has participated in training and awareness-raising activities on the subject as part of prevention actions, and the gender perspective is incorporated in a transversal way in all areas of work, study, teaching and research. In this sense, the TecnoCampus claims the good work and professionalism of all its professionals.

• Finally, the institution expresses its solidarity with the students affected, whom it has attended to and supported as quickly as possible, as well as its firm commitment to the eradication of any such behavior in the university environment.