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The second call for the StartHealth program, aimed at projects or startups up to 31 years old, focused on innovation in the health sector, closed on 5 August. The Selection Committee has chosen the 10 projects with the highest score according to the established evaluation criteria. Claudia Danesi, director of the Department of Transfer, Innovation and Business, was very satisfied: “This year we have continued with a high participation and in addition, we have expanded the diversity of projects, positioning StartHealth as a reference program in the sector Catalan health ”. 

This year's selected projects show the diversity of the health sector, covering areas such as disease prevention, support for people's autonomy, efficiency of health systems as well as the development of new treatments or medical devices. However, they all share the goal of improving the quality of life of society, a vision shared with TecnoCampus and aligned with the project of caring city of Mataró.  

Over the next five months, selected start-ups will enjoy individualized expert advice, specialized training, connection to the innovative ecosystem, access to funding and free workspace in the TecnoCampus incubator. 

The program has the collaboration of Ship2B, BStartup Health, UPF Ventures, 101 ventures, Barcelona Health Hub, Capital Cell, the Maresme Health Consortium and Fundació TIC Salut Social. 

The projects selected in this edition are: 

  • Biel Glasses: Low vision is a permanent non-reversible deficiency where mobility problems are one of the most significant problems for patients with VB. Biel Glasses has created glasses with mixed reality, AI and robotics to adapt reality to the remaining visual capacity of patients that gives them autonomy. 
  • MyHealthWatcher is a platform for the promotion of healthy habits that serves both people and companies in the health sector. Cardiovascular diseases related to sedentary lifestyle and eating add up to almost half of the deaths that occur each year in Europe. Personalization, scalability, and a combination of technology and health professionals make this product the “Glovo of Health,” bringing healthy habits into every home. 
  • Heuristic. Patient identification errors in hospitals have very serious consequences, of which 54% are due to the poor quality of identification bracelets. Heuristik has created a fingerprint-based identification system that not only avoids reading errors, but also provides information in patient management, while improving the quality of patient service and resource efficiency. hospital. 
  • Hoop Diabetes is geared to the specific needs of patients with type 1 diabetes. These patients do not produce insulin and are dependent on regular insulin injection. Hoop Diabetis has created a smart, self-contained, wireless insulin pump that allows you to create feedback-fed feedback, improving your quality of life. 
  • Helthy is an app connected to a wristband that monitors users ’vital signs. Users of this product are seniors who want to live independently without sacrificing their safety. This system also allows relatives to know if there is a problem and to be able to act in time. 
  • MdA (Map of Assets) is a gamified and formative itinerary to promote salutogenesis that avoids the stigma of mental illness. The MdA helps users self-manage their mental health. Through an App, the user will receive, once the indicated route is completed, their state of health and the steps to follow to improve. 
  • ScrubTech is a virtual mine of learning for nurses both in surgical instrumentation and in the preparation of the necessary material for operating rooms. This system will help nursing professionals learn to work in an operating room in a safe way, improving its quality and reducing the number of learning hours. 
  • Neuroflav: neurodegenerative diseases cause a progressive and constant deterioration of the Central Nervous System and unfortunately, there is no treatment today to prevent or cure them. The Neuroflav team has identified a molecule, called MIND, with promising in vitro and in vivo results. MIND has "multitarget" activity, that is, it is able to act in different molecular processes of the disease. 
  • OXEEN controls patients in the plant, optimizing workflows in hospitals / residences and improving the quality of service. The product is a smart band that monitors its vital signs, user drops and through ML, warns healthcare professionals before the patient enters a critical state. 
  • Sana Digital is an online health platform that connects patients with healthcare and wellbeing professionals and allows video-consultation. It is aimed at Spanish-speaking citizens.