913 students have been assigned to the TecnoCampus in the June university pre-registration process
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Eight of the fifteen offers of undergraduate and double degree studies taught at the TecnoCampus university centers, attached to Pompeu Fabra University, have a cut-off mark as a result of the June pre-registration process. All health-related careers (Nursing, Physiotherapy, Physical Activity and Sport Sciences and the double degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences) have a cut-off score higher than 9. Also the degrees of Marketing and Digital Communities, Business Administration and Innovation Management and the double degree of these two degrees have a demand in first preference that exceeds the places offered and, therefore, cut-off mark. In the field of technology, Management Engineering and Information Systems Engineering stands out, with a strong recovery in demand and a cut-off score of 6,3. 

The demand to study at TecnoCampus in first preference has increased by 3,4% over the previous year. Studies in the field of health stand out, with an increase in global demand of 14,9%. The demand for the Degree in Nursing stands out with an increase of 69,6% and the Degree in Physiotherapy with an increase of 33,3% over the previous year.  

With regard to degrees in the business field, demand has remained very similar to that of last year, although the increase of 34,5% to study the Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities stands out. As for engineering, video games and audiovisual, the figures are also very similar to last year. Of note is the significant increase in the Degree in Computer Engineering and Information Systems where demand has almost doubled (increase of 95,6%) 

The set of degrees and double degrees have 913 students assigned. Of the total number of people assigned to TecnoCampus studies, 498 have chosen the TecnoCampus in first preference (the applications in first preference have been 789, so there is an important waiting list for cases of resignation among those already assigned). 

Registration process 

Registration for new students begins on July 15 (you can check the Calendar). Welcome sessions for new students will be held in September, which can now be viewed on the website www.tecnocampus.cat/diazero