General information

Subject type: Mandatory

Coordinator: Jesus Ezequiel Martínez Marín


Credits: 3

Teaching staff: Manuel Guerris Larruy


Inventory Management. 


This subject has methodological and digital resources to make possible its continuity in non-contact mode in the case of being necessary for reasons related to the Covid-19. In this way, the achievement of the same knowledge and skills that are specified in this teaching plan will be ensured.

The TecnoCampus will make available to teachers and students the digital tools needed to carry out the course, as well as guides and recommendations that facilitate adaptation to the non-contact mode.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the importance of supply chain management as a competitive advantage.
  • Know the key concepts of the logistics function in organizations
  • Know the inventory models and their implication in costs

Working methodology

Lectures Oral presentations on topics, cases, exercises and works Collaborative learning.


  • Principles, models and techniques for planning, analyzing and controlling inventory systems as a means of managing economies of scale and environmental uncertainties.
  • Analysis of deterministic and stochastic inventory models and their applications in the manufacturing and retail industries.
  • Topics will be studied in depth such as: types of demand, the function of inventories, levels of decision regarding inventory policy, different classifications of inventories, total costs.

Learning activities

Lectures Oral presentations on topics, cases, exercises and works Collaborative learning.

Evaluation system

  • Class participation 30%  
  • Final exam 70%  



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