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This is a pilot test that aims to certify entrepreneurial skills within the European EntreComp framework. The agreement is signed for the next two years and will be developed within the framework of the Research Work of the students of the GEM School, the first school in Mataró that will certify the entrepreneurial skills of its high school students. 

The GEM School and the TecnoCampus promote an entrepreneurial competence certification program with a pilot scheme in the Research Projects (TdR) of high school students. This program aims to certify the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills following the European framework EntreComp. These skills complement the students' training curriculum, equipping them with knowledge that allows them to move from idea to action by incorporating an entrepreneurial attitude into everything they do.

The program is included in the knowledge transfer agreement signed between the school and the university for the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years.. The GEM School becomes the first school in Mataró to certify the entrepreneurial competence of its high school students through the TdR. The competencies being assessed fall within the EU EntreComp (The Entrepreneurship Competences Framework) within three broad areas: ideas and opportunities, resources, and action. In the specific case of the certification of the acquisition of the entrepreneurial competence of the high school students of the GEM school, they are evaluated in the development of the Research Project that begins in the first year of high school and ends in the second.

Specifically, in the field of ideas and opportunities, the competence of detecting business opportunities and creating an innovative solution by applying creativity and ethical and sustainable thinking is assessed. In terms of resources, the competence to determine the resources needed to implement the generated solution and to be able to convince other people to join the project while showing effective communication and leadership is assessed. Skills are understood as the tools that boys and girls need to understand the world and to lay the groundwork for them to become people capable of actively and critically intervening in plural society.

In addition to developing the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes (knowing, knowing how to do and knowing how to be), boys and girls must learn to mobilise all these personal resources (knowing how to act). Entrepreneurship and TecnoCampus, hand in hand. Entrepreneurship is one of the transversal axes of the university model of TecnoCampus. Since 2010, its trajectory has made it a benchmark in entrepreneurial skills in the Maresme. The School of Social and Business Sciences of the TecnoCampus (ESCSET) has designed, promoted and worked on research into entrepreneurial skills, defining its own model and itinerary that allows it to be adapted to any other centre or body. Màrian Buil, full professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Tecnocampus, is the author of the model and the entrepreneurial itinerary. As part of the line of research she is developing, in 2019 she devised the Entrepreneurship Competences Framework program for schools and other bodies, framed within EU EntreComp.

As for the GEM School, entrepreneurship is one of the key educational axes to understand the Baccalaureate in the school. They consider it to be a universal skill that will accompany the student throughout all the stages of school and which should allow you to fit into a world full of change and new needs. Within the program, students of the entrepreneurial program of the university centres of the TecnoCampus guide the students of the GEM School from their own entrepreneurial perspective. The MOOC (Massive On-line Open Course) Innotools 2.0 is also offered. The MOOC contains innovative tools for introducing the entrepreneurial process into the Research Project.