Els Passerells del Tecnocampus is a university castle group of the TecnoCampus of Mataró (TCM), founded in 2011, a member of the Coordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya.

It is the tenth university castellera group to appear and the third to become a member of the Coordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya, after the Ganàpies of the UAB and the Pataquers of the URV. They have the support of the Capgrossos of Mataró, the main conventional castle group in the Maresme. During the course, they rehearse every Tuesday and Friday in the Plaza del Tecnocampus. They dress in lilac shirt and their best castles are the 2 of 7 with lining, the pillar of 6 with lining, the 3 of 7 and the 4 of 7.

They were born during Christmas 2010. The first rehearsal took place on February 15, 2011. A month later, on March 31, they unloaded their first castle, a pillar of 3. The performance made -during the radio program El matí i la mare that gave birth to him on Ràdio Flaixbac, broadcast live from the Tecnocampus Auditorium. On November 14, 2011 the board of the Coordinator of Colles Castelleres de Catalunya approved the entry of the Tecnocampus Passers to the entity. On December 10, 2015, on their Winter Day, they manage to make the best performance since their beginnings: 3de7, 2de7f, 4de7 and Pde6f.

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