Social welfare service, Mataró City Council

Offer: Addressing homelessness in Mataró

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Mental health Catalonia

Offer: Promotion and workshop of social networks

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Offer: Medieval Week

Offer: solidarity march

Offer: Accompanying departures

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friendly hands

Offer: Own training for nurses

Offer: Social networks and web

Offer: Own training for nurses + social networks and web + promotion and dissemination posters

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Offer: Social media course and support

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Offer: Social media workshop

Offer: Social media + mindfulness workshop

Offer: Home support

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Foundation in the field of prevention

Offer: World HIV Day information table

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Alpha Project

Offer: sports outings

Offer: Social networks and web broadcasting

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H20 Cable Sports, SL

Offer: Adapted Wakeboard Field Helper (Sitwake)

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Sant Jaume and Santa Magdalena hospital foundation

Offer: We act against unwanted loneliness

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Mataró Red Cross

Offer: Work club

Offer: Housing search 

Offer: Socio-educational workshops

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Bofill Foundation - CASC Mataró

Offer: Mentoring for teenagers from Mataró

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Cooperating Volunteers

Offer: International volunteering in Uganda

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Become a volunteer


Are you interested in participating in any of the cooperation and volunteering programs we offer?

We are committed to the creation of volunteers who can cooperate with all the organizations that we have connection with. As a volunteer you will be able to grow as a person through different programs. We encourage you to take a look at the collaborating entities so that you can choose which one appeals to you the most and where you would like to volunteer.

If you are a student and want to volunteer* in one of these organizations, register by filling out the form volunteer bag!

* You can get up to 2 RAC credits.

Do you want to post an offer?

If you are a social entity and want to publish a volunteering offer for the Tecnocampus student community, it is essential that you immediately fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


  1. Fill out the application form.
  2. The University Community Service Unit will validate the information and the volunteering offer will then be published.
  3. When a student enrolls on your offer, the University Life Unit will make it easy for you to contact them.
  4. A follow-up plan for volunteering will be agreed between Tecnocampus and the entity.
  5. Once the volunteering has ended, if the institution has a collaboration agreement with the TecnoCampus, the student will be able to apply for RAC credits*, to do so he will have to present an activity report and the institution will have to present the tracking sheet of hours completed and tasks and evaluate the student's memory.




On May 24 and November 21, blood donation campaigns will take place at the TecnoCampus. The donation can be made from 9 am to 15 pm when a mobile unit will be operating, located as always between the TCM 2 and TCM 3 towers of the TecnoCampus . The campaign is open to the entire TecnoCampus community.

Come donate blood and give life!



The past May 24, from 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. TecnoCampus held the SOLIDARITY FAIR

After the pause of the pandemic and in the face of a worrying global moment with the emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, it is time to activate the TecnoCampus Solidarity Fair focused on Refugees. 

The aim of this action is to turn the university square into a showcase for participating organizations, organizations that work with cooperation and volunteering, as well as organizations that work with refugees from around the world. A space for meeting, debate and the promotion of group and individual solidarity.