Frequently asked questions

How can I access the University?

To access a first year of undergraduate studies at the Tecnocampus, you must pre-register at university. This pre-registration is done online at the web address: within the period established by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

What studies should I have?
Here you can find information on the ways of access to the University.

If I have done COU (or LOGSE baccalaureate), can I access university studies without selectivity?
With the new regulations for access to the University, it is mandatory to make the selectivity to access university studies. You can also access through the CFGS without doing the selectivity.

If I have not finished COU / baccalaureate or FP / CFGS, what can I do to access university studies?
If you are already 25 years old or you turn them before October 1 this year, you can take the university entrance test for those over 25 years old. It is also possible to access the university for people over the age of 45, as well as for people over the age of 40 who can accredit work and professional experience with regard to specific university courses.
You can find information on other access routes in the following link .

What grade is required to access our studies?
You can take as a reference the cut-off mark of the previous pre-registration, which you can consult here!.

If I have finished a degree and want to start other studies, do I have to pre-register for university?
Yes, you must also pre-register for the Degrees.

I have started university studies at another university, what can I do to apply for access to the ESCSET, the ESUPT or the ESCST?
You can request a change of studies and / or university. In the event that the center recognizes a minimum of 30 credits, you can apply for a place directly. (It is not automatic that you are given a place, it depends on the vacancies) If this is not the case, you must pre-register within the established deadlines.

When will I know whether or not I have entered the corresponding university?
You need to check your results by accessing your profile on University Access Portal. You can see how the places are allocated on the pre-registration page: 

Can I formalize the pre-registration after the deadline?
To formalize the pre-registration you must attend the established periods. See the deadlines on the pre-registration page: 

I can add options to pre-registration, specifically the ESCSET, the ESUPT or the ESCST ?
If the pre-registration period is still open you can do so via the Internet, in other cases you must contact the Guidance Office for access to the University or a delegation, we are one of them.

I have a CFGS, how do I know which degree studies I can access?
As technical graduates, you have access to university without having to take any compulsory tests, as has been the case so far, and your entrance mark is the average qualification of the studies completed to obtain the higher technical degree. This rating is valid indefinitely and must be between five and ten points.
For more information you can consult:
Admission from CFGS

Is there validation of CFGS credits in some university degrees?
Yes, some undergraduate degrees recognize CFGS credits. Consult the studies validated by the TCM Degrees in the studies.
For more information you can consult:

My high school has no subjects related to the branch of knowledge of the degree I want to access. Can I apply for this degree at pre-registration?
Yes, but you should keep in mind that students who are examined in subjects related to the branch of knowledge of the degree to which they want to access the specific phase, will be weighted in these subjects in order to raise the entrance mark. . Students who are not examined in subjects related to the branch of knowledge of the degree will enter the university with the mark of the general phase (entrance mark).
For more information you can consult:
Admission from PAU

What are the subjects to raise the grade for the specific phase of the PAUs?
It is recommended that before enrolling in the specific Pau test, be well informed about the branch of knowledge in which the undergraduate studies you want to study are registered, what subjects and how they weigh in the corresponding branch of knowledge. .
For more information on the subjects they weigh, you can consult:
Weighting tables.