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despacho: TCM 1 - Despacho 6

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Administración y dirección empresa Gestión de la innovación y emprendimiento

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Marian Buil is economist, master degree in business creation and PhD in law, económicos and business by Universidad de Girona. Dr. Buil is full time associate profesor of innovation and entrepreneurship at Escuela Superior de Ciencias Sociales y de la Empresa Tecnocampus Affiliated center of Universidad Pompeu Fabra. She has an experience of 14 years teaching business plan, entrepreneurial competences, innovation using design thinking and lean start-up methodologies. She Actualmente carries out research with a focus on the competencias and skills that individuales need to face and adapt in turbulento and continuously changing environments. Among others, individual dynamic capabilities, entrepreneurial competences and sustainable development competences to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Her research Investigates the relationships between these capabilities and other variables that can influence the behaviour of organizations at the individual level. One studied relationship is with sustainability commitment and stakeholders engagement which various publications regarding it. Dr. Buil Develops her research as a member of the Graef research group, a group recognized by the regional Date 14/3/2021 2 de 2 / Instrucciones para rellenar el currículum abreviado CURRÍCULUM research agency AGAUR (SGR535). Her Dedication to the topics of sustainability and in particular social and environmental commitment Broughten her to Acquire sound knowledge in the field of social economy and circular economy. For this reason, she is a member of the Chair of Social Economy and the Chair of Circular Economy and Sustainability of Tecnocampus- Pompeu Fabra University. In this line, she is Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Sustainability and Higher Education (Emerald Publishing). In the field of management, she is responsible for the area of ​​knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship of the university and the entrepreneurial Itinerary that students of different gradas follow. She has designed and Coordinated académico programs such as the university Maestría in entrepreneurship and innovation; the inclusion of programs to learn entrepreneurial competences in Tecnocampus 'degrees for an improvement of the transversal skills that students must Acquire for an optimal job placement; Innotools (Massive Online Open Course) for the development of innovative projects; ... among others. Two competitive projects in Tecnocampus have been Awarded within the framework of teaching innovation: one project donde teaching methodologies for innovative learning spaces and another project donde active learning methodologies to guarantee the acquisition of competences for sustainable development and SDGs. Her international mentoring certificación Allows her to ACCOMPANY entrepreneurial projects and final degree, postgraduate and master 's projects.

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Otros grupos de Investigación Grupo de Investigación en Tratamiento de señal Graef Grupo de Investigación en Tratamiento de señal