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Tipo de asignatura: optativa

Coordinador: Julián Horrillo Tello

trimestre: Primer trimestre

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Juan García Ramírez

Idiomas de impartición

Este módulo está completamente delivered en English.


English for the Profesional World AIMS to help students be competente in planning their job hunting process as well as in using English accurately in certain situations of profesional life.

As for the former, considering how competitive profesional world is, students must be Prepared to sell themselves and make themselves different in order to land a job.

Regarding the Latter, effective communication is a skill profesionales have to Acquire before Completing university and entering the world of business.


This module contains methodological and digital online resources in case online delivery is necessary due to Covidien-19. That way the achievement of the required knowledge and competencias gathered in this course content will be guaranteed.

Resultados de aprendizaje

In general terms, this subject conttributes to the learning outcomes (LO) specific to the subject matter it belong to (English). 

At a more specific level, this module will help students become competente in the use of English for job hunting and making effective oral presentations. At the end of the course, students must be able to:

  • (LO1) identifica el stages en el job hunting process
  • (LO2) make en mapa de mapas con strengths and weaknesses
  • (LO3) understand the specific language of job adverts
  • (LO4) write personal statement
  • (LO5) Produce a good CV
  • (LO6) write a cover letter
  • (LO7) bien a job interview
  • (LO8) participate en job interview
  • (LO9) Communicate personal ideas, points of view and opiniones donde a given topic
  • (LO10) crea un effective oral presentation


Metodología de trabajo

Class work is based on a Theoretical explanation of the course contento. The theory is supported by practical work on the proposed exercises. Exercises will be completed either individualmente oro in small groups according to cooperative learning methodologies.

Pieces of work, exercises, tasks and assignments made both in the classroom oro at home will be Delivered justo after Completing each section of the syllabus donde a given deadline.

Activities leading to ACHIEVE objetivas related to oral skills will be made in the classroom in groups of two or more students.

Other autonomous learning tasks will be also taken into account, such as those Devoted to the reading of artículos and complementary exercises.


Lleva a COVID-19, soméndote de las sesiones de grupo de multitud de into a hybrid formato: contact lessons and online lessons (vía streaming). Las personas que pueden alternarmente contactar con las sonidos, lo que les maximum amunt of students por classroom established by social distancing measures. Todos los estudiantes que no se pueden encontrar en contacto con las sonidos pueden ser posibles en la línea de hombre.


1. Personal Statement. CV. Cover Letter. Job Interview

  • 1.1 Research of the job hunting process: stages, mind map of strengths and weaknesses, Qualifications, work experience.
  • 1.2 Personal statement: features of the personal statement, short description of the applicant (educacion, work experience, soft skills, achievements, goal).
  • 1.3 The CV oro Resume: sections of the CV, vocabulary, analysis of common errores, first good impresión, the CV and the job offer, creative CVs.
  • 1.4 The Cover Letter: features and partes of a good cover letter, style and vocabulary, the Cover Letter and the job offer.
  • 1.5 The Job Interview: preparation of the job interview, the small talk, typical questions and the most suitable answers, good first impression, vocabulary, analysis of common errores, simulation of a job interview.

2. Effective Oral Presentations

  • Structure of an oral presentation in profesional contexto
  • The body language
  • Effective visual aids

Actividades de aprendizaje

Aiming to gather evidence of the achievement of learning outcomes (LO), the following activities will be Carried out:

Actividad 1: Personal statement. CV. Cover Letter. Job entrevista. (Content 1) (Evidence of Learning Outcomes LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, LO5, LO6, LO7, LO8, and LO9) Individual Activity

  • Mind map of strengths and weaknesses: skills, Qualifications, experience
  • Writing the personal statement
  • Writing the CV. The creative CV
  • Writing a good Cover letter
  • Preparing en good job interview
  • Simulation of a job entrevista

Regarding competencias, this activity has an impact on crosscurricular competency T1


Actividad 2. Effective Oral Presentations (Contento 2) (Evidence of Learning Outcomes LO9 and LO10) Individual activity

  • Making a good short oral presentation
  • Making effective oral presentation of the CV

Regarding competencias, this activity has an impact on crosscurricular competency T1


Even though this module is scheduled to be entirely Delivered online, the learning activities will remain the same.

Sistema de evaluación

Assignments donde all the points of the syllabus will be collected for assessment:

- Personal statement

- CV

- Cover letter

- Job entrevista

- Formal writing

- Oral exercises: discusiones, dialogas, oral presentations

1. Continuous asessment: 70%

  • PW # 1: Personal Statement (5%)
  • PW # 2: CV (15%)
  • PW # 3: Listening comprehension (10%)
  • PW # 4: Cover letter (15%)
  • PW # 5: Speaking activity: Job Interview (10%)
  • PW # 6: Short writing: summary of an artículo (5%)
  • PW # 7: Short oral presentation on one of the artículos given oro donde topic chosen by the student (10%)

2. Oral presentation of profesional profile: 20%. This activity is mandatory in order to pass the subject.

3. Class ATTENDANCE and participation: 10%

Resit Exam: 70%. The Resit exam covers the continuous assessment parte (point 1 above). In order to be allowed to do the Resit exam, a mark of 4 to 4.9 must be achieved in the continuous assessment parte. Otherwise, the module will be given a fail. The caros mark posible in the Resit exam is PASS (5). 


Total oro partial Plagiarismo of año of the assignments will be automatically qualified as FAIL (0). And, if Plagiarism is repeated, it may mean that the module has a definitive Qualification of FAIL (0).

Plagiarism consiste of copying texto from unacknowledged sources, whether this is part of a sentence oro a whole texto, which is intended as the student s own texto. It includes cutting and pasting from Internet sources, Presented unmodified in the student s own texto. Plagiarism IS A SERIOUS OFFENCE. Students must respect authors 'intellectual property, always Identifying the sources they may use. They must also be responsible for the originality and authenticity of their own textos.