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My research line during the PhD concerned Digital Leisure (Videogames as field of study), and I was methodologically focused in Game User Research. As researcher, I achieved my cum laude PhD (University Rovira i Virgili, Spain) with impact publications - for two JCR journals and CHI Play - among others. I collaborated in research with the University of Lincoln (UK) and the Authonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, Spain). I've published in international conferences and book chapters from then. I left temporarily the academy to get experience in the video games' industry. I worked for Delirium Studios - a well-known and award-winning Spanish indie game developer -, as Game User Researcher and in charged of International Relations, Production, etc. To that end, I took advantage of the already learnt skills in the academy. For instance, I applied agile research methods for user research and interacted with publishers and specialized international press to get visibility for the studio. From that point on, I've been professor in Videogames Production, Agile, Gamification, Internationalization, Leisure and Recreation as Economic Activities, Marketing, Leadership, etc. for many different universitary centres, as freelancer. Always trying to have a balanced relationship among academy and industry worlds, I've attended and gave several talks in academic and industry related conferences, both in Leisure and Games Studies. Furthermore, I've been referee and in touch with several associations, such as, for instance, Espacual (for improvements in qualitative research) or IGDA (for insights in games development).

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