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    Welcome day is the first activity of each term. This activity is important to meet the new international students and start stablishing connections between local and Erasmus students.

    Normally, it starts with a welcome speech by the International Students coordinator. Afterwards, we organize an introductorily game between all the students to know each other better, ending the event with food and drinks for everyone. 

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    During the day show entity, the buddy program organization build up an informative tent where students can get information and ask about the buddy program commission. There are also other tents of all Tecnocampus organizations.

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    To improve the connections between local and international students, buddy program commission organizes several gastronomic activities where all the students enjoy a great time having dinner, interacting, and sharing cultural experiences. 

    One of the most expected activities for the international students is "going out time". Sometimes is important to disconnect from the stressed routine and exams of the daily routine. At Buddy Program commission, we advise and accompany foreign students to the best local clubs to have fun together.

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    With no doubt, Paintball is one of the funniest activities where the international student can participate. It is a competitive team shooting sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with “paintballs” that break upon impact. Paintballs are usually shot using a low-energy air weapon called “paintball market” that is powered by compressed air.  

  • 5

    Whether you like your meat pulled or rubbed, everyone is welcome to fire up his or her own style of BBQ at one of the communal wood and charcoal BBQ stations setup at Lourdes Refuge in Arenys de Mar. The “buddy program” commission takes care of the food and drinks. The international students only have to bring hunger and a funny attitude. 

  • 6

    Port Aventura world is an entertainment resort in Tarragona, on Costa Daurada. It is the most famous theme park of Catalonia which attracts around 4 million visitors per year, making it the most visited theme park in Spain. When the nice weather comes, it is the most enjoyable activity to take part in as a foreign student.

  • 7

    Walk up to the top of Burriac is something that you will have to do if you stay in Mataró for a while. Burriac is a mountain located at Cabrera de Mar, a small village 15 minutes driving from Mataró. It is already a tradition to walk up to the Castle and contemplate the breathtaking views from the top.  

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    We are sure that, as an international student, you are expecting to live a lot of multicultural experiences where you will be able to learn from other countries, at the same time you will let them know about yours. One way to discover what you are looking for is with the international lunch or dinner activities that we organize during the term.

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    As we are next to the beach, we cannot miss the ocassion to do water activities by the sea. According to students' preferences, we can decide and organize different activities such as surfing, paddle surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding or windsurfing, among other things. This is the best way to enjoy the spanish sun and the warm weather.