El FineArt of Igualada celebrates the tenth edition from February 25 to March 20, and the TecnoCampus will be present once again through photographic works by students of the Degree in Audiovisual Media. 

This year the photographic series made within the optional subject of the fourth year Documentary Photography I, taught by Professor Cristòfol Casanovas, who acts as curator of the exhibition, and by the teacher Maria Luna Rassa focus on two different topics. On the one hand on “the insert”, with four panels and four authors: “Esta incertidumbre errante”, by Susana Kaiana Aizpurúa; "This is not Pictorialism", by Aina Comas; "In the tunnel", by Carlos Renard; and “La inceridumbre del ser”, by Javier Flores. All of this work provides a multifaceted, subjective look at the difficult times of covid-19 confinement. 

There are also two panels with images related to the five senses, exercise on perception, from courses 20-22, with images of different students. The panel of the course 20-21 presents images of Eric Serra: “The touch”; Francesc Santos: “The ear; Eric Pomar, “Smell” and “Taste”; and Laura Llobet: “La vista”. The images from course 21-22 are by Albert Miquel: “La vista”; Clara Dueñas: “The ear”; Arancha Silva: “Smell” and Touch; and Daniel Lainz: “The taste”.

Also presented is Víctor Rodríguez's Final Degree Thesis "Post-Photographic Self-Portrait: Constructed Fiction" A work inspired by Cristina de Middle, Joan Fontcuberta and Stanley Kubrick, where the astronaut is used as a metaphor for isolation social due to the C0-19 pandemic and as a tool to make the journey of self-knowledge and reunion with space. Thanks to the photographic construction we can pretend to be someone we are not. "

The coordinators of the Degree in Audiovisual Media, Jordi Roquer and Rafael Suárez, consider that collaborating in initiatives such as FineArt Igualada is a great way to bring students closer to the world of audiovisual and culture, also recognizing their talent and ability as creators. In this sense, participation in FineArt allows university students to give visibility to their works and the TecnoCampus to highlight the quality of their studies and the talent of their students, while continuing to strengthen the relationship between the degree and the territory.

For twenty-four days, the spaces of the city of Igualada will show photographers from all over the world, photography schools and amateurs. Along with the photographic exhibition, cultural activities are organized around the theme: talks, round tables, guided tours and workshops for adults and children.

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