Living in Catalonia


TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme is in the city of Mataró, the capital of the Maresme. It is a constantly changing lively city with an important cultural heritage that endows it with personality. Its privileged geographical location -on one side the sea and the mountains on the other- makes Mataró’s weather conditions ideal for enjoying the city and street life..

The people living in Mataró, around 125.000 inhabitants, enjoy the best of both worlds, life in a small city and excellent transport links to Barcelona, the capital city of Catalonia. In fact, Barcelona is located about 30 kilometres from Mataró. By car or by bus you can get to the city in about 30 minutes, and 40 minutes if you choose the train.

To the north, France is about 90 minutes away and the mountains are within easy driving distance. That offers excellent possibilities for skiing in winter and outdoor mountain activities during summer time.

Mataró has wonderful beaches. The town also has a number of discotheques and bars, so there is no shortage of nightlife. In fact, during the weekend, many residents of Barcelona head to Mataró to visit the numerous disco clubs in town.

In terms of shopping you will find everything you need in the shopping centre Mataró Park or in the centre of Mataró, from leading international chains and brands to smaller local shops with regional products. 

When eating out, Mataró is an excellent choice. If you are keen on fresh fish, it isn’t necessary to go far! Great fish restaurants can be found in the immediate vicinity of the university.

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Time Out Barcelona

Bear in mind that in Spain most shops close from about 14:00 until approximately 17:00h

Catalonia is a region of Spain, in the Mediterranean Coast, strategically located for close relations with continental Europe, and with the rest of the Mediterranean Arc. Throughout its thousand-year history, Catalonia has been a melting pot of civilizations, at the forefront of thinking, science, technology and art. In recent years, Catalonia has advanced determinedly towards consolidating the knowledge society thanks to a first-order university and research system.Living in Catalonia

Students enjoy a wealth of cultural and leisure activities, the exceptional Mediterranean climate and the character of society that is open, multicultural and committed to modernity and progress.

There are welcome and guidance services available to university students that will help them find accommodation and in dealing with the language. The universities also have international student services offices that will help with all the basic procedures to make stays in Catalonia easier (healthcare information, foreign resident permits, sports and leisure activities, and so on).

The Cost of Living

The cost of living at TCM depends greatly on the individual habits and needs and whether you wish to find accommodation in Mataró or in Barcelona (the latter is logically a more expensive option).

Students can eat at the school restaurant where several dishes at economic prices are served. Below you will find approximate calculations.

A local phone call = 0.15 € minimum charge
A national newspaper = 1.00 €
A foreign newspaper = 1.50 € – 2.40 €
(British or US daily newspapers)
A coffee in a bar = 1.20€ – 1.40 €
A beer in a bar = 1.50 € – 2.50 €
A cinema ticket = 5.50 € – 7.70 €

Rent for one month = 200 € – 350 €
Monthly food bills = 150 € – 250 €
Books, study materials per month = 30 € – 60 €
Other general living expenses = 30 € – 60 €

In other words, international students should count on spending from 600€ to 800€ per month during their stay at TCM.

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