The mission of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation is to contribute towards the economic development of the region, acting as a driving force to boost knowledge, training, business and innovation.

In order to fulfil our mission, we embrace the following central objectives:

i) Developing a range of higher education opportunities that focus on high-level professionalism and which are committed to ensuring employment positions for our graduates.

ii) Managing a Business and Enterprise Park that helps to enhance the competitiveness of companies, innovation and internationalisation, while strengthening links between the University and companies.

Business center

  • Offices on the sea-front

  • Offices of different sizes: from 23 m2 to 800 m2

  • Plug-and-play services

  • Reception desk with parcel service

  • Business growth services for companies located in the park (funding, strategy orientation and internationalisation)

  • Networking and interactive business community

Congress center

  • Auditorium for 324 people. Fully equipped with technology.

  • 800 m2 foyer (free area for events)

  • Meeting rooms for 10/25/100 people.

  • Booking services: flights, hotels, restaurants and activities after the event.

  • Catering service: coffee – cocktail party – meals.

  • Visual Meetings Methodology created by TecnoCampus for companies that want to take advantage of their team's talent in a creative way.


EURECAT, the Technology Centre of Catalonia

TecnoCampus has the most important technology centre in the region, resulting from the integration of Ascamm, Barcelona Media, Barcelona Digital, Cetemmsa and CTM. Eurecat accelerates innovation, cuts down scientific and technological infrastructure costs, reduces risks and provides specialised knowledge for each company.

Technology Based Incubator

  • 16 plug-and-play offices (23/30/55 m2)

  • Fully equipped for co-working.

  • Accelerator program: business experts + technical experts + connections + investors.

  • Fund-raising service and investor club

  • Training (business model, social media, finances, coding, etc.)

  • Growth strategy

  • Meeting rooms and coffee room with networking area.

Entrepreneurship Hub